Imagine this. You’re walking through the forest, and you can swear that pixies are flying by your side. You start frollicking and having a good time, and more pixies join you. The guide you into the pixie village and you see them performing nice, crisp music that you wouldn’t hear better than the acoustics of the forest trees swaying back and forth in delight. This is what you get stuck in your head when you listen to Farah Loux.
The Auckland band, previously known as Alaska, has one album in their newly named career to date. FLAWS is a slice of woodland mystery that can be tuned to anyone’s taste, as well. One the pride and joys of the band is how they used all sections of a classical orchestra with the big hurdle of only having six members in the group.
They’ve been playing around on stages since 2009 and have captivated hearts, including having one of the songs on their debut album, K.I.D.S., that managed to score airtime on LifeFM, and some stage performances at the past Parachute Music Festival that has seen Farah Loux sow the seeds of national success in our music industry.
Why should you listen to them? Farah Loux are one of the best folks bands in my opinion because of the unique sound they have as a group, in experimenting with completely organic instruments and testing out the waters with the variety of effects to get your shoes off and enjoying the pure, raw nature around us all.

You can buy their album on their bandcamp here.


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