Congratulations to the finalists for the 2015 Best Folk Album. Announced on Thursday by Recorded Music NZ the three contenders include the 2013 winners. So without further ado, here’s our summary: 

Great North – Up In Smoke 
My personal pick for the Tui. The Auckland based group won in 2013 with Halves. Performing as a full band now their new album is stunning and has been on repeat in my playlists since its release. 

Flip Grater – Pigalle
Paris based solo artist, originally from Christchurch, she puts together an album full of haunting songs and beautiful melodies. The instrumentation requires numerous listens before you come to fully understand what may be lying beneath the surface. 

Rachel Dawick – The Boundary Riders 
In a similar vein to last year’s nomination of Chris Priestley’s Unsung Heroes this beautiful album is a collection of musical tales from the history of New Zealand women in the 1800s. 

Good luck to all three artists, I’m very excited to see them all perform at the Auckland Folk Festival in Kumeu, the winner will be presented at this 42nd annual festival on Sunday 25th January. 

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