The Kingsland Folk Club got rocky on Sunday night with the debut of new band Stretch and the Bootlegs. A surprise final Folk Club for the year it allowed Anthony Stretch to show off his newest project. Having tried numerous bands, he has settled into a new groove and the next 12 months look to be his busiest yet. Numerous gigs lined up for the new year plus an extensive intimate solo tour up and down the country in May will keep him busy long into 2015. 
The Bootlegs were heavier than you’d usually find at a Kingsland Folk night. The evening was opened up by the always phenomenal Dave Khan and Rodney Fisher. There’s something perfect about watching two talented musicians decide their songs on the spot and improvise a set that would rival any bands rehearsed set list. 
Stretch and his band followed this with some classic rock/country infused with a smattering of folk and blues. I’m exciting to see where this band goes as it develops its sound. Stretch is working toward an album at the end of 2015 and it’s certainly something to watch, with his contacts and history in the music world he’s sure to pull some lovely studio musicians to help him and the band out. 

Next gig is January 21st at The Wine Cellar. 

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