An angelic accomplishment

The sun it rises on Fleet Foxes self titled LP. The group formed in Seattle, Washington to create music fit for kings and gods.  Fleet Foxes resonates on multiple plains to have an impact almost holy.  Vocals are soft, quivering and pure. Lyrics are polished creating imagery serene and medieval. While a floating atmosphere is magically added with ambient acoustics.

Lead singer Robin Pecknold sings with quiet conviction. His voice has a lullaby like quality. It is pure, innocent, childlike and angelic. In Winter Hymnal it rolls over itself adding a choral, cherub charm. It echoes as if recorded at a height. While barely audible quivers throughout generate shivers.

Refined poetry is present from beginning to end. It creates imagery organic and medieval as if written in a simpler time. He speaks of hummingbirds, gold, mountains and cold. Poetic word combinations, such as ragged wood, make the album more antique. The old world words have a spiritual sentiment.

Ambient acoustics float and ascend. The hypnotic guitar strums magical looping harmonies throughout. One can imagine in a Harry Potter Esq. fashion this guitar chose his master and not the reverse. Imaginably made of precious metal or hardened unicorn tears. It plays memorizing secrets amidst effortless slides with dreamlike disposition.

Fleet Foxes combine angelic vocals, organic lyrics and ambient acoustics to create an other worldly LP.

Worth consideration as an accompaniment to death…a journey into perfection…the eternal white light…or where ever.


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