Last year this Invercargill based duo graced Auckland Folk Festival with a performance as one of the nominees for the 2014 Best Folk Album award. The bad news is that the duo did not take away the prize last year but the good news is that they are back in Auckland, off the back of their recent National tour, playing as a guest artist in about a weeks time. The duo is inspired by artists such as Laura Marling and Paul Simon. This shows in their songwriting and arrangements, using both a male and a female voice to colour the songs with harmony and dynamic. They call themselves adult alternative, which can summarize the band as this:  interesting and intellectual without being too obscure and out there. So the songs are actually rather pleasant to listen to.

While the band were crossing the Cook Straight I got the chance to ask them a few questions about the tour and what they were looking forward to the most about coming to Auckland Folk Festival again.

How are you faring from the tour so far and what has been different to the last time around?
Well the tour has only just started and last time we organized the whole thing ourselves so that‘s a big difference. This time around we are doing our tour with Arts on Tour NZ who are funded by Creative New Zealand. They organise the shows, accommodation, and we just started driving their van yesterday. So far the main difference is leading up to it is we haven’t had to do quite so much organisation, which is weird because we are both control freaks. So not having complete control over every aspect of it is really good, but also really scary.

It’s paying off though right? Because you can focus more on your music and your shows?
Well our show this time around is more of a show, because usually we have a fairly rough idea about how we are going to go about the flow of the show and just play it by ear. We kinda throw it together as we play the next song. This time around we have got a set list, it’s like we have moved up in the world. Or down in the world I can’t tell you, I’m not too sure.

I didn’t realise that it had just started, but next question I have for you is where was the last show you played?
We played in a place called Al Varados Mexican restaurant in Christchurch and it was lovely, we had a great turn out. Al Varados is great, Mexican food is always nice (he laughs) you can always fill yourself up with it. The lady who runs it is just so uber enthusiastic about having live New Zealand music playing. I had this chat with her about it when we were packing up and she said, “I don’t like people coming in and playing too many covers, I want real stuff. Real stuff.” To walk in and get that sort of reception from a venue is just great.

Do you have a favorite moment from Auckland Folk Festival that you remember?
Favourite moment from AFF was off stage.
We wandered down a row of tents and ended up having the most luscious midnight jam session with musicians from all over NZ. In the end my sides were sore from laughing and I’d accidentally learnt to play a Dulcimer.

 Around this point we ran out of time as Cook Straight reception is not too forgiving. But, we agreed to meet up at the festival. Both Greame and Liv are very approachable so don’t hesitate to go up and have a yarn.

If you’d like to hear them they are on at the festival they have a 2:15 slot on Saturday and possibly a smaller set on the Final Concert on Sunday.
If your not intending to head to the festival then you can have a wee listen to their new album here.
I hope that you see them, or I see you, at this years annual Auckland Folk Festival 

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