‘The Lonesome Pine Specials‘ are an old-time music revival. They bring songs steeped in the musical tradition of Southern Americana. They lift their voices with an unadorned purity reminiscent of The Carter Family, and with an honest love of simplicity, they weave their banjo’s and fiddle’s with songs of Appalachia and tunes for the old dance halls. At times you will want to throw your feet to the boards and swing your partner beneath the stars and at others you will want to be still and listen to every lonesome lyric. They put together the beautiful compilation of songs, collected from various recordings or done specifically for this tour, as a memento of this tour.

They are: FLORA KNIGHT (fiddle player expat of ‘The Eastern’), HANNAH HARDING (the beautiful voice behind Aldous Harding), and BEN WOOLEY (the multi instrumentalist and right hand man for Delaney Davidson, Tami Nielson, Marlon Williams). It is not surprising to learn that the trio first collaborated musically in Port Lyttelton, where until recently they all lived. Music has since taken them on many respective journeys, both far and wide, however they are bonded by firm friendship and a creative affinity so it is only natural that they have decided to reunite for a tour of their homelands. A tour, spanning thirty shows that will see them travel the length and breath of New Zealand, all the way from the deep south to The Northlands.

We get them this weekend! On Sunday night they are performing their beautiful old-time music at Freida Margolis, from 7.30pm. Tickets at the door, or here. They are selling FAST. (You can also catch them on Saturday night at a crazy hoe-down at Portland Public House). 
This will possibly be the last time we see the Lonesome Pine Specials perform before they take off for Melbourne, Canada and to take on music elsewhere, so don’t miss it. Trust me. 


They are bringing with them the king of old-time sing song men, Archer. His music is stripped back, he is down to earth, and just happy to be touring and playing music, and as he said to me on the phone “we’re still alive” after two weeks of touring. He is celebrating a recent signing to the Underground Melbourne label Pound Records and touring his debut LP ‘Old Time Sing Song Man‘ which is a must have if you love your country old time music. 

You’d be stupid to miss this. Freida’s do some good cocktails and pizza too…just saying. 

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