This is a beautiful album. It’s called Now That’s What I Call Sea Shanties Vol II. The Wellington Sea Shanty Choir have been around since 2012, and this latest is their second offering. The W.S.S.S explore NZ heritage and feature 5 original songs from songwriters Vorn and Lake. These songs “shantify” stories of historical NZ figures, including Sam Parnell, ‘Young Nick’, Jacky Marmon and George White. 

Vorn plays the squeeze box while Lake strums the git-fiddle, with occasional violin and flute from guest musicians. To be honest it is one of those albums you have to get engrossed in, I will not do it justice. It will make you bounce in your desk chair, it will make you wish you knew the words and could sing along, and more than anything it will make you wish you had a ship, or a boat, or a yacht some nautical vehicle to ride the seas and sing shanties. 
Don’t believe me? Have a listen for yourself below. 

The Wellington Sea Shanty Society will be making land in Auckland on July 5th at Freida Margolis as part of First Sundays. Doors open at 7pm. The W.S.S.S is off to perform in France in August, including a spot at Paimpol Festival, one of the biggest sea shanty festivals in the world. So catch them while they’re in town. You’re sure not to regret it. 


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