Chris Priestley, one of New Zealand’s iconic folk singers is in the process of releasing his next album – a follow up to the Tui Award Nominated album ‘Unsung Heroes’. This beautiful album told tales of heroes and places around our country and brought them to light. It featured a booklet with original newspaper clippings about these historical figures and every live performance Chris tells the tales and gives more bits and bobs that he learnt along the way. 
“Rogue” is the follow up to this with more songs about our past, these ones featuring those rogues and villains, with a few heroes thrown in to keep the mood lighter. There’ll be a new booklet to go along with it, BUT Chris needs our help to ensure this venture is successful. For those that have not met him, you can find him on most days serving up some of the best coffee in town at Corelli’s in Devonport, or presenting fantastic guests on Tuesday nights out the front of the bar at Corelli’s. Many of you will know him from One2one Cafe on Ponsonby Road, or from when it was his own and called Atomic Cafe, and some of you may even know him from Java Jive days. Chris has done tremendous things for the folk world in Auckland and deserves every bit of support we can offer. ‘Unsung Heroes’ was a stunning album, and a truly valuable addition to the musical archive of our country. 
This is the link to follow to the Pledgeme page to support the new album, and there are some very good rewards for those willing to put forward some money. 

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