I had the pleasure of stopping in at the Acoustic Routes – Home of Wellington Folk Music on Wednesday. It was a timely visit to Wellington, as Enda Kenny and Lindsay Martin were on their way south to the Canterbury Folk Festival. 

Acoustic Routes have their home in the quaint and cozy Roseneath School Hall at present, with musicians performing surrounded by artwork and banners painted by kids from the school. I often feel that the physical venue plays a major part in the success of a folk club and this is a perfect spot for evening entertainment. 

Enda and Lindsay provided a stunning show. Many of the audience had seen them before at the Wellington Folk Festival and other tours of the country, but for me it was the first time. Enda’s songs were funny, well crafted and some intricate finger picking supported lyrics that drew you in. I am often distracted by the music and miss lyrics from songwriters, as I focus more on the melody and accompaniments, but Enda kept me entertained with stories of losing his “eye” at a festival and songs for his favourite hair dresser and barmaid. Lindsay blew me away. Since the gig I have spoken to numerous musicians who all sing his praises as one of the best violinists/fiddlers on the circuit. He brings his classical background into every note and this is stunning to see, and it is no surprise that Enda has collaborated and performed with him for seven albums. 

If you missed them this time, make sure to keep an eye out for the next tour – they’re sure to be back. If you are in Wellington when Acoustic Routes are hosting a guest I strongly suggest you get along and have a cuppa and cookie and enjoy some top quality folk music. 

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