The Bunker welcomes back Hungrytown on Monday night. They are musical and married duo Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson. They are celebrating the imminent release of their new album Further West, which is now available on this tour of New Zealand. We are lucky enough to be the first able to buy the album as it has not been officially released! They got it sent directly to a friend in Palmerston North and are now touring with it for their dedicated friends and fans in good old New Zealand. 
They write beautiful songs- modern songs, new songs that sound old. Rebecca sings and writes these lovely old songs and has five albums under her belt now, with husband Ken who produces, arranges and performs an array of instruments. They tour non-stop, with only the odd week or two at a time not on the road. 
This will be a lovely, intimate concert before they head to Wellington and the Canterbury Folk Festival over Easter. 

Devonport Folk Club, at The Bunker (On Mt Victoria off Kerr St, Devonport) at 8pm, Monday 23rd. 

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