Presenting Paper Cranes 折り鶴 cover of the Leadbelly song ‘In the Pines’, set in Huia, west Auckland.

This beautiful video was shot as a B-side to Little Darling, before they released their album The Road Home​. The concept came from a recurring dream that singer Fraser Browne had, which wouldn’t let up until he filmed it. The video made it to the cutting room floor but hibernated, until its reawakening when songwriters Fraser and Naomi Browne moved to Huia. Its release date is May 31, 2017.

Paper Cranes 折り鶴 are hard at work on their new album, also being written and arranged in Huia in west Auckland. If you want to donate to their new Kickstarter towards their new album, they don’t have one. If you think they should have one, contact them at band@papercranes.co.nz and tell them so.

Actors: Becki Moss, Reuben Turner. Directed by Fraser Browne / Sean Craig of Burnt Hill Productions. Extra hands: Dan Brunskill, Naomi Browne. Editing: Sean Craig, Alan Beere. Stills photography: Ollin P. Raynaud. Thanks to Margaret & Laurence Goldsmith for use of their bach to shoot in.

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