This is the new album from the band with the longest and hardest to get correct name in the North Island – The Wellington City Shake-‘Em-On-Downers (Don’t miss the apostrophe).

I’ll let them introduce it:

“Here at Shake-‘Ems HQ, we like to do everything to schedule. So naturally here’s our newest album, made available twelve weeks after our ‘release’, and a couple of years after we started it. They say ‘good’ things take time.

Before you ask:

– You can’t get it in stores.
– There’s no Spotify or Apple Music.
– We’re not doing any real physical or digital distribution.
– The photos don’t feature our current lineup.
– There will not be any music videos.
– We did not receive funding from NZ On Air Music,
– Neither The Spinoff nor The Spinoff Music will be interviewing us (despite using our photo without attribution, eh mates). Not even will touch us!
– No there will not be an album release or tour funded by Chamber Music New Zealand & culminating with a hometown collaboration show at the Michael Fowler Centre featuring the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. Or any public shows, really.
– No we don’t like to wear pants and if you order a CD Robert will post it to you whenever he damn well pleases: ‘good’ things take time.

Thanks to the good doctor Lee Prebble for the recording and the mix, the talented therapist Mike Gibson for the mastering and the visionary Riah King-Wall for the cover art.”

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