Wellington based independent artist Tess Goodwin has just released her second single ‘Grace‘.

This song came to Tess as she sat in a forest of oak in Richmond Park, London. Listening to an emotionally rich chord progression, the words that fell onto her page told the story of a young girl living in a world of curiosity, absent of self-doubt. This theme drew on Tess’s learnings as a primary school teacher, which ultimately guided her to a life with music.

“Classrooms of children were my first audience, but the perfect first audience, because they were full of praise, belief and optimism.” says Tess. “Through that relationship I learnt so much about following my feelings and living with less fear. I witnessed how influential my music was and it became a very simple thought, I love this, so I need to pursue it.”

‘Grace’ was produced by Ben King & Nick Abbott at North Western & Roundhead Studios, Auckland. The accompanying video was created by Mark Lahood Films, New Plymouth, and reflects the song’s themes of following one’s spirit of enquiry and being open to where it all may lead.


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