Albi and the Wolves are about to embark on an ambitious and exciting three city tour alongside The Frank Burkitt Band and The Slacks. If you haven’t heard anything about it then pop out from under the rock and read through Albi’s answers to a quick few questions about this big collaboration.

How did the idea for this whole collaboration come about?

If you live in Taranaki then you’ll most definitely have heard the name Anand Rose.. This guy is a powerhouse who is constantly pushing for local artists and events and it all started with him. One morning a year ago at 4am. We talked about the idea to bring three folkish bands together to do a tour a little like people used to in the old days and though a lot of hard work it’s happening.

You’ve got together with Frank and the band many times in the past, tell me about the first time you met them?

I have no idea. Honestly right now I can’t remember where we first met but it probably involved some whiskey and some songs.. It may have been at a small festival Tahora where I spent 6 days playing a lot of music with a lot of people. I do recall being blown away by his tune “I Will Look For You” in one of those jams and every time I see him I insist that he plays it still. They are a lovely group of people and we are incredibly fortunate to be playing with them again for this wee tour.

Anything exciting going to happen at the gig that you can let us in on?
There will be jams! I mean if you’ve been to a Wolves gig before then your kinda in on the secret. We always try to spice things up with new and epic ideas. Something that will stand out a little is our final jam this year will be chosen by the fans though so feel free to head to the Wolves, Franks, or theSlacks Facebook pages to let us know your ideas!

What’s next after this tour, anything you can hint at?
Nope.. The answer is there is a whole lot bubbling in the cauldron but alas we can’t speak about it yet. That being said Finn when we do get the ball rolling you’ll be the first to hear about it. (Watch this space I guess…)

What are you listening to yourself at the moment?
Noname, Anderson .Paak, The Steeldrivers (May their first album live on forever), Chelsea Jade, Nick Drake, and this band I’ve just discovered Meursault.

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